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"I have experienced adjustments from many chiropractors, but Dr. Skefich is my favorite because of her gentle adjusting and her confident, calm presence that stays with me when I walk out the door. Previously I had 3-day migraines and head pressure, and foot bones jammed into painful positions."

-April McDonald

"I recommend Dr. Skefich as a very motivated, knowledgeable
and effective chiropractor.
She has specific exercises to recommend for each specific situation which goes well beyond what I have seen in most chiropractors."

-Drina Brooke

Available videos

  • Arch strengthening exercise

  • Knee circle exercises

  • Wobble disc exercises for ankle strength and for balance
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How Dr. Skefich Can Help You

Dr. Skefich knows what to do for the person who is in pain. Whether the pain is from an auto accident, a sports injury, a herniated disc, or just from “out of the blue,”…you need help. You want to get out of pain, but you also may need answers: How long will this take? What can I expect? What can I do for myself at home? 

Dr. Skefich will be able to: hone in on the type of problem it is; tell you how long the problem will usually take to improve under her care; and in most cases will provide significant relief early on, commonly even after the first visit. She will tell you on your first visit what you can expect in your particular case.

Sylvia Skefitch, D.C.

Sylvia Skefich D.C.

Dr. Skefich provides a realistic treatment plan based on her over-twenty-years of clinical chiropractic experience. The plan to get out of pain is different for every person but is typically in the 2-5 visit range for the average neck or back ache or spasm, (cases may vary). And you will not be asked to sign up for a “plan.” 

She will give you exercises or stretches that are specific to your body, if she thinks that exercises or stretches will help. She may have other recommendations, such as use taking home a tool from our rental fleet of tools. Rental tools range from $1/day (for something like the Posture Pump or Body Slant Pillow), to $125 per week for the MultiRadiance Medical “Pain Away” portable laser. These are a few of our options that might be recommended as additional help. 

Since Dr. Skefich specializes in a non-force technique called “cranio-sacral therapy,” her sessions are very relaxing. Dr. Skefich uses this style of body work because she has found it to be the most effective. Cranio-sacral therapy works at all tissue depths, from the muscles, to the bones and joints, to the spinal column, and even to the spinal cord. It can be performed on any part of the body. The reason that cranio-sacral therapy is so effective, and the reason why the treatments “hold” so well is because the method does affect all these tissue types at once. After all, “everything is connected.” 

Dr. Skefich may also use a chiropractic manipulation or she may use orthopedic massage techniques to achieve the goals of alignment of the bones, joints, and of the muscle tracts that hold everything together. 

At our office, we practice “vitality.” Dr. Skefich seeks to find your healthy physical expression once again; to remember proper alignment, position and tone, and to help erase compensations (painful and tight patterns) that do not serve you any longer. Why wait? 

Enjoy our website, and if you would like to schedule with Dr. Skefich, the best way to do so is with a call to 831-475-1995, Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 5:00, where our friendly staff will be able to look at the schedule in real-time, and to answer any questions that you might have. 


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