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Dr. Sylvia Skefich was born in Oakland California. She was raised in Salinas, and lived in San Luis Obispo where she attended the university. She then moved to Santa Cruz where she worked in the graphic design industry.

Sylvia returned to the Bay Area in 1995 to attend Life Chiropractic College West.

Sylvia started her chiropractic career for four years at her former office
in downtown San Francisco which she shared with her associates,
Dr. Dan Shapero and Dr. Richard Robertshaw. At this time she also had a part-time associateship for two years at the Hendrickson
Clinic of Orthopedic Massage
in Kensington.

For the past seven years Dr. Skefich lives and works in Santa Cruz.



BEMER Microcirculation Device

Dr. Skefich is a proponent of the BEMER microcirculation device, an FDA class ll medical device. The BEMER device was invented by a NASA scientist, and developed in Germany by a German company called BEMER. This device uses a low hertz electromagnetic frequency—a patented blend of wave forms that most people do not feel while on the device. 

Dr. Skefich keeps a BEMER available for use at her sister location, The Better Energy Shop (located down the hall from the therapy offices). The fee is $10 per use. Each session is 8 minutes, but we allow each customer to do a double session of use (for 16 minutes). 

What is it used for? The BEMER will absolutely improve your microcirculation. This can help with many things, like detoxification, speeding the healing of injuries, reducing pain of arthritis, improving appearance of skin, improving antibody mobilization for immunity, and generally decreasing tissue stagnation. The best results come with repeated use, and “ascending" in the settings over time, for higher intensity as the vessels become “conditioned.” This device works so well, that is is proven to walk back the damage of a diabetic ulcer of such severity that amputation is warranted, and to heal the ulcer over six months’ time. 

Dr. Skefich also has a rental BEMER set available to take home for her established patients to use for $100 per week. 

 She is also a distributor of the devices. She will be your ambassador and helper with the device should you ever order a BEMER through her website. BEMER even has a “rent to own” program. 

If you would like to see with your own eyes what happens inside your body with BEMER use, then email your request to, and Dr. Skefich will send you some video links to watch. (She will not add you to a list with this request…just the video email will come to you.) 

 Click here if you would like to look at Dr. Skefich’s BEMER store.

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